Talc is used as filler in the Paper industry, to give smoothness and opacity to paper. It is also used to control pitch and stickies and in paper coating. Talc gives smoothness, yellow index, porosity, opacity to paper, improves its yellow index and reduces the deterioration of the machinery.


Our cosmotalc is asbestos free and sterilized and soft to the touch and chemically inert, talc has been used as a body powder for hundreds of years and is an ideal carriers for perfumes. Our talc provides the silkiness in blushers and eye shadows; the transparency of foundations and the sheen of powder compacts.


The largest consumer of high quality ultra fine Talc. It is used in bumpers, dashboards, interior trims of automotives and also in creating computer and TV bodies, garden furniture etc. Talc is being increasingly used in HDPE, PP, LDPE, PVC, ABS & thermosetting compounds. Due to blending characteristics & thermal and electrical resistant, it is an excellent filler. It provides the smooth feel to plastic surface. Talc imparts stiffness, hardness, tensile strength of plastic products, improves quality of their surfaces.


The surface of pure talc is hydrophobic, and the particle form is laminar. Different talc grades have a more or less pronounced laminar structure (macro or microcrystalline) and can contain other minerals.
Our talc products are an excellent choice. Their advantages are their microcrystalline structure and their consistent chemical composition. Talc is used in decorative paints to improve its physical properties, which include wet scrub resistance, optical properties, weathering protection and more.


KGPL Talc IP grade are ideal excipients because they are inert. They also acts as glidants to control powder flow and as lubricants for tableting. KGPL’s IP grades are used in enteric coatings for targeted delivery of drugs. Our IP grade talc is
processed to remove impurities like iron oxide, dolomite, carbon, magnesium and carbonate minerals.

We specialize in purified Talc I.P. (Indian Pharmaceutical) grade. Talc I.P. is processed using high whiteness soapstone lumps, which is excellent in quality, non-toxic and asbestos free. It is a fine mesh powder and is safe to use. It is used in Pharmaceutical Industry. . We use quality packaging material such as paper bags inner HDPE linear with LD bags to ensure intact delivery of products.

Pharmaceutical applications

The percentage of talc used in the design of various dosage forms varies. It fulfills all the criteria of the glidant and diluents. For decades, it has been used as a pharmaceutical aid (dusting powder), an excipient and filler for pills, tablets and for dusting tablet molds. It is also used as an anti caking agent and lubricant in tablet making. Moreover, it has been included in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inactive ingredients guide (buccal tablets, rectal and topical preparations) and in the non-parenteral medicines licensed in the UK. Talc is incorporated in many anti- fungal powders to help killing of bacteria and improve the odor of the body. In many commercial antacids for stomach and indigestion problems talc had been used. The high resistance of acids and chemicals in the stomach make talc good filler for the tablets. Many ointments used to treat scabies and insect bites contain talc because of its ability to not react with chemicals. The pills are often coated with talc to help keep moisture out of them.


Talc Lumps with negligible calcium content and totally free from Asbestos is sorted & graded accordingly to brightness.
a) 96-98%
b) 94-96%
c) 92-94%
d) 88-92%
e) 85-88%